A great alternative to Aramid hybrids. Polyester main strings provide exceptional durability; Gut 2000 crosses offer great playability with comfort.
Mains : 16g 1.29mm 22ft/6.7m
Crosses: 16g 1.33mm 20ft/6.1m
The Comfort Plus is designed as Alpha's softest string. Comfort Plus uses an insulated, braided sleeve between the core and the outer wraps. Perfect for senior players or other players with sensitive arm needs.
Mains : 16g 1.29mm 40ft/12.2m
The Claycourt Plus multifilament core provides the needed power for baseliners as well as a soft touch around the net. This string features a double-braided wrap that surrounds the core and an exceptionally durable outer wrap which aids in protection from gritty particles.
Mains : 16g 1.29mm 40ft/12.2m
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